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BBILLER finances the foundation of Mi Guardian Partners™, a series of Certified Digital Partnerships™ to be educated in the commercialisation and distribution of BBILLER tokenization of financial service technology on the DEXTER™ exchange as physical, digital data, e-commerce, social media, loyalty, barter, cryptocurrencies and Decentralised Applications (DApps) in Demand and Supply.

Our F.R.E.E™ banking replacement platforms are owned and controlled by members, a de-Centralised Intelligence Agency.

Visa, Mastercard, BBILLER tokens

Visa, Mastercard, BBILLER tokens

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blockchain is a decentralized, distributed and public digital ledger that is used to record transactions across many computers so that any involved record cannot be altered retroactively, without the alteration of all subsequent blocks.  Blocks are confirmed by nodes which act to ensure historical transactions are not tampered with as a new transaction chained to a previous block.  Blocks are linked by cryptography and therefore cannot be changed as the signing of the transaction by a parties private key only has one possible answer in solving the algorithm of linking the blocks together under competition of processing power.  Winning a block results in a fee to the node (miner)


Exemplar use case for BILLING - In Billing the primary goal is to transport a statement of claim (Invoice to the Customer party by a Supply Party).  An Invoice claim document and the state of the transaction can be recorded in a Blockchain in perpetual.  The status of the Invoice claim can be controlled only by the parties.  This method alleviates the need for separate centralized systems, accounting Software and even service providers.  All data is encrypted by the parties signing of the transaction using their Private keys.


A smart contract is a distributed computer program which implements business rules, stores data, offers rights (legal, procedural, policies).  An SC logs changes to the state of a transaction in a blockchain.  An SC can be programmed to act on external stimulus and issue notification.  E.g. If temperature of goods in transit then alert Logistics, present Bill of Landing document to controller. Local Partner Solution: http://mypype.com.au/

PAYMENTS – “but cryptocurrencies were too volatile to be used in real world cases”. Stable coins are a digital currency with a 1:1 ratio to Fiat Money.  I.e..  1 digital currency unit = $1.00.  The underlying math's of a digital currency pegs the unit to the value of National currencies, thus enabling payment without requiring a Bank or Forex Broker. 50+ available, advise recommended.