BBILLER is a trustee company operating on behalf of its member community, in the information technology and media industry, specializing in blockchain solutions for global supply chain participants. Our mission is to enable any organization to leverage blockchain, IoT and artificial intelligence technology to reduce the friction in the demand, supply, delivery and payment of goods and services. Our key areas of focus are banking and financial services, payments and finance, pre and post award procurement, logistics and transport, IOT, AI and providence. As a highly differentiated supplier of open source and commercial software infrastructure, we are uniquely positioned owing to our conformance with international standards, partnerships, interoperability and distributed decisioning via tokenization of our business operations and patentable technology, We are leading the way in decentralized applications which revolutionize the traditional model of centralized banking systems and greedy corporate control models.


Adam Smith, the godfather of modern economics and author of ‘Wealth of Nations’ said, ‘Self interest will drive the economy, but it must be balanced by good conscience’. When 1% of the world’s population control greater than 50% of the wealth, that ship has sailed. Capitalism has failed. Long Live Mutualism!

The MAC is designed to stimulate Australian business conversation regarding the imperative need for regional communities to return to commercial tribalism, by unifying S.M.A.R.T. business (Small, Medium & Retail Trader), into an integrated commercial ecosystem. The fastest growing industry in the US is co-operatives. BBiller, as a founding partner led trustee company, is developing a modern day corporate co-operative, in the form of a series of branded balance sheets, designed to facilitate mutual commercial interaction between members. Its motto ‘THINK BIG!’ depicts our breadth of vision, via a ubiquitous ‘banking innovation group’, with aggregated financial services power, in a blockchain based, trusted commercial community.

STRONGMAN FINANCIER LIMITED is an educator, risk strategist, litigation financier and creative media studio. We identify opportunity for members and leverage client solutions via commercial creativity and digitising of asset backed securities. An ability to think laterally and fairly price strategic capital solutions lies at the heart of financial success and community prosperity. A simple algorithm underpins the human equity and risk management systems of the global investment banking industry. We empower our client through commercial collaboration, personal development and the unity of a business community.

Mi Guardian Partnerships™

Mi Guardian Partners comprises brand and business units, as a standard, to risk manage the integration of strategic capital solutions into the partner businesses. Partners pool their sweat equity, intellectual property, cash investment, asset value and commercial acumen, in exchange for BBILLER tokenization, to found the co-operative corporate infrastructure and capital structure, to take transactional risk, replicating the functions of an investment bank.

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