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BBiller is seeking to grow a series of Certified Digital Partnerships (called Mi Guardian Partners™) empowered to distribute, risk manage and value enhance BBILLER tokenisation, through branded business units delivering financial services supply chain solutions, across a suite of everyday commercial functions, with particular focus on creating regional interdependence and trusted commercial relationship, amongst S.M.A.R.T. business (Small, Medium & Retail Trader).

The prospective partners will be identified from a range of existing client service businesses, including but not limited to; brand strategy and marketing, finance, real estate development, forensic investigation and litigation funding solutions, charitable services, private advisory, education & training, health, wellness and personal performance. All partners will be unified by a mutual philosophy and agreed commercial objectives to develop disruptive business models, based on trademarked wealth algorithm, to;

~ Elucidate the benefits of a disruptive blockchain based commercial community, winning profit from global banks and corporations, with unpopular, cartel controlled business models.

~ Invest in truth in media in Australia to aggregate a substantial B2B community capacity, fostering a return to age old business values and ‘business @ the speed of trust’.

~ Develop a capacity for community based digitisation of assets and distribution of a member based, asset backed digital currency network to empower necessary supply chain solutions, to win new business in a fast, transparent, decentralized and secure fashion.

~ ‘Think Big’, by developing a community co-owned capital and liquidity solutions and token exchange platform for the members and their client base (called DEXTER), powered by a collective of independent ADI’s (Approved Deposit Taking Institutions), non-major banks, building societies and credit unions (called Mi Fifth Pillar) .

~ Partner with legal, accounting, real estate and stockbroking specialists to develop a seamless capacity to deliver digitised finance, financial services and capital solutions capacity, by replicating the financial risk functions of a bank, in exchange for the issue of tokens, to comprehensively service the member network. Payment for tokens to receive full benefits is $1,200AUD.

Receive 1,200 tokens to obtain entry level benefits.

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