Blockchain for Supply Chain

Format: in-class (2 days interactive) and online (1 day)


In this blockchain intensive course wherein you will learn:

• The fundamentals of blockchain

• An intensive introduction to smart contracts, consensus protocols and public vs private chains

• An introduction to various blockchains use cases in the Supply Chain

• Real-life use cases for different industries and different supply chain models

• How to set up a strategy to make use of blockchain for your own supply chain needs.

All versions qualify students to sit for ISCEA's Certified Blockchain for Supply Chain Professional (CBSCP) Exam . See below for more details and request a course prospectus.

Locations: Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne. Offsite, Onsite and Online.

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Project Services

On Friday February 22nd, 2019 the Australian and New Zealand Prime Ministers, Scott Morrison and Jacinda Ardern announced Australia and New Zealand’s intention to adopt the PEPPOL interoperability framework for e-Invoicing to increase opportunities for businesses to integrate with the global trading environment.  In the announcement by the Australian government, it was said that the Australian and New Zealand governments intend to finalise their membership of PEPPOL by mid-2019. This will enable the transition to PEPPOL to take place by the end of the year, with businesses able to access the e-Invoicing framework from that time.

Read the full announcement at

BBILLER has gained extensive design experience and knowledge of the framework. Contact us about how to obtain the benefits of e-invoicing and blockchains.


BBILLER established a security token model in April 2017 which pays investors cryptocurrency when our applications are used by our customers.

BBILLER tokens can be exchanged at!/trade/BBILLER-ETH.

Extending our supply chain talents, we can now offer tokenization of real assets which unlock cash for any worthwhile purpose.

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